The FoneStand is a Universal Smartphone Stand designed so you can have a better use of your smartphone… your smartphone will be more visible and more usable… 

√ Use the FoneStand with or without a protective case – No need to remove your case
√ Excellent viewing angle – vertical or horizontal
√ Great for Skype or FaceTime
√ Grippy feet and pad holds phones in place while texting or emailing
√ Low profile – will never be in the way

The FoneSatand is a Desktop Stand and offers a great way to enjoy hands-free use of your smartphone… iPhone, Samsung, LG or any of most popular smartphones on the market.

What Customers Say..

Ever since I started using the “FoneStand”, I can’t live without it. It is the best device I have on my desk!
Jack K.
A simple stand but works great with my iPhone. Its simplicity is what makes it useful
Frank N
FaceTime, check stocks, send texts, all this is much easier with the FoneStand.
Mike Q.
Nice!! love the fact my iPhone is no longer sitting on my desk
Sam L.
I was on a plane and used my FoneStand to watch a movie – beats holding it for 2 hours.
Dennis B.